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DIANABOL 1000tabs for 130euro BEST PRICE !!!

DIANABOL 1000tab/5mg 130euro BEST PRICE !!!


May Lara
Pharmaceutical Distributor




1.... BIONABOL (D-BOL) /Pharmacia Bulgary 100 tabs/5mg 15euro

2.... METANDROSTENOLONE (D-BOL) /Akrihin Russia 100 tabs/5mg 13 euro

3....NAPOSIM (D-BOL) /Terapia Romania 100 tabs/5mg 13 euro

4... THAI ANABOL (D-BOL) /British Dispensary 1000tab/5mg 120 euro

5... THAI DANABOL (D-BOL) /British Dispensary 500tab/10mg 120 euro

6.... ANAPOLON 50 (ANADROL) /Abdi Ibrahim Turkey 20 tabs/50mg 30 euro

7....OXYBOLONE (ANADROL) / Genepharm Greece 10 tabs/50mg 16 euro

8... ANDROLIC (ANADROL)/British Dispens Thailand 100 tabs/50mg 150 euro

9...STANOZOLOL (WINSTROL)/Genepharm Greece 15 tabs/5mg 11 euro

10.. WINSTROL /China 1 tablet/50mg 3 euro

11.. STANABOL (WINSTROL) /British Dragon Thailand 100tab/10mg 60 euro

12...STANABOL (WINSTROL) /British Dragon Thailand 200tab/10mg 115 euro

13... RESTANDOL /Organon Holand 60 tabs/40mg of 38 euro

14...OXANABOL (ANAVAR-OXANDROLON) /British Dragon Thailand 50tab/10mg 90 euro

15... BONAVAR (ANAVAR) /Body Research Thailand 50 tabs/2.5mg 70 euro

16.... CLOMIFENE CITRATE /Anfarm Greece 24 tabs/50mg 5.5 euro

17....TAMOXIFEN /Nihfi Bulgary 30 tabs/10mg 5.5 euro

18.... CLENBUTEROL /Nihfi Bulgary 50 tabs/20mcg 8 euro

19.... PROVIRON /Schering Germany 20 tabs/25mg 8.5 euro

20.... T3 /Abdi Ibrahim Turkey 100 tabs/25mcg 15 euro

21.... EPHEDRINE 20 tabs/50mg 7 euro

22...LIV52 /Himalaya/India 60 tabs/280mg 4.5 euro


1....1 amp of DECA DURABOLIN (Organon Holand)2ml/100mg 6 euro

2....1 amp of DECA DURABOLIN (Norma Greece)2ml/100mg 5.5 euro

3....1 amp of WINSTROL DEPOT (Zambon Spain)1ml/50mg 7 euro

4....1 amp of OMNADREN (Jelfa Poland)1ml/250mg 5.5 euro

5....1 amp of SUSTANON 250 (Organon Turkey)1ml/250mg 5.5 euro

6....1 amp of SUSTANON 250 (Organon Egiptyan or Pakistan)1ml/250mg 7 euro

7....1 amp of TESTOSTERONE DEPOT-ENANTATE (ICN Yugoslavia)1ml250mg 2.5 euro

8....1 amp of TESTOSTERONE PROPIONATE (Bulgary)1ml/50 mg 2.5 euro

9....1 amp of HEXABOLAN (Sarva GB) 3ml/150mg 24 euro

10. 1amp of Primobolan Depot (Schering Spain) 1ml/100mg 7euro

multidose injections:

10..1 amp of ANDRABOLIC - BOLDENONE (Argentina)5ml/100mg 20 euro

11..1 amp of METABOLIC - BOLDENONE (Argentina) 5ml/130ml 20 euro

12..1 amp of ANABOLIC ST (Mexico/Australia)20ml/50mg 80 euro

13..1 amp of MALOGEN-TESTOSTERON SUSPENSIA (E.L.Stickley& Co Canada)10ml/100mg 18 euro

14..1 amp of ANABOLIC BD (Boldenone)(Mexico/Australia)10ml/100mg 70 euro

15..1 amp of ANABOLIC TL (Mexico/Australia) 80 euro

16..1 amp of ANABOLIC DN (Mexico/Australia) OUT OF STOCK FOR NOW

17..1 amp of MASTABOL(Masteron) (British Dragon/Thailand)10ml/100mg 60 euro

18..1 amp of BOLDABOL(Boldenon) (British Dragon/Thailand)10ml/200mg 60 euro

19..1 amp of TRENABOL(Parabolan) (British Dragon/Thailand)10ml/75mg 70 euro

20..1 amp of DECABOL nandrolone decanoate (British Dragon) 10ml/250mg 60,00euro

21..1 Kit of JINTROPIN HGH 10IUx10 (China) 300 euro

22..1 Kit of IGF-1 Long R3 IGTROPIN (China) 350 euro

23..1 amp of PREGNYL HCG 1500 IU (Organon Holand) 5 euro

24..1 amp of PREGNYL HCG 5000 IU (Organon Holand) 13 euro


01_Andropen275 5* Sustanon 10ml/275mg 55euro

02_Averbol 25 Methandienone 10ml/25mg 45euro

03_Boldabol Boldenone Undeclynate 10ml/200mg 60euro

04_Decabol Nandrolone Decanoate 10ml/250mg 50 euro

05_Durabol Nandrolone Phenylpropionate 10ml/200mg 55euro

06_Mastabol Dromastanolone Di-propionate 10ml/100mg 45euro

07_Methanabol Methandienone 500tab/10mg 110euro

08_Oxanabol Oxandrolone 50tab/10mg 75euro

09_Oxydrol Oxymetholone 100tab/50mg 110euro

10_Primobol Methenolone Enanthate 10ml/100mg 40*

11_Primobol Methenolone Acetate 30tab/50mg 50euro

12_Stanabol Stanozolol 100tab/10mg 45euro

13_Testabol Depot Testosterone Cypionate 10ml/100mg 45euro

14_Testabol Testosterone Propionate 10ml/100mg 45euro

15_Trenabol Trenbolone Acetate 10ml/75mg 60euro

16_Trenabol Depot Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate 10ml/100mg 55euro

17_Trinabol Trenabolone Acetate, Trenbolone Hexahydrobenzylcarbonate,

Trenbolone Enanthate 10ml/50mg of each trenbolone 60euro

18_Turanabol Chlorodehydromethyltestosterone 200tab/10mg 90euro

PAIN KILLERS (per box):


1....XANAX......(*Alprazolam)... (0.5mg) 20 euro