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Lunker Standings

Team of the Year rules also apply to the Lunker standings. If you don't see your name in the lunker standings, you wont see your name in the Team of the Year standings either. The two main reasons for that is : (1) Both people on the team have to be Members or a sub. (2) You have used more then two subs. You had to declare your partner at the first tournament.

Thanks Rob

Re: Lunker Standings

It has been brought to may attention that there is only ONE sub permitted per team per Year. ( its been awhile since I've kept the TOTY standings ). So if you have had more then one sub, your team will no longer be listed in the TOTY or Lunker standings.



Re: Lunker Standings

Rob I think the rule is One Sub per person on the team not One Sub for the Team......Steve can get a sub and then I can get a sub but Steve can't get 2 subs....

hope thats clear... sounds confussing but I think that is the way it goes.


Re: Lunker Standings

OK, will update stats.