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Strictly Fish"N"Tackle Shop Guys&Gals results!!

Lillian and I would like to thank those brave souls who attended our tournament and braved some nasty,nasty weather.

We had 17 teams fish the tournament and the results are as follows:

1st Place:Gina Cottreau and Dale Fitzgerald 9.19lbs

2nd Place:Jen McCullough and Tom Wagner 6.84lbs

3rd Place:Madeline Nickerson and Sid Nickerson 6.36lbs

Lunker:Gina Cottreau and Dale Fitzgerald 3.49lbs

Although I originally posted that there would be a small bag award,the boss informed me Friday night that it was supposed to be a small fish award.So that is what it was.
The small fish award with a whopping 4.25"dinger was won by Barb and Steve Watkins.

Again thanks to those who showed up and we'll do it again next year.