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Concerned residents of Carleton & Surrounding areas!!!!!!

There will be a public emergency meeting of the municpal PAC(Planning Advisory Commitee)as a follow up to last Tuesday nights meeting.It is in regards to the proposed mink ranch development in the Carleton area.
The meeting will be held at the new Municipal bldg in Hebron on Monday July27th at 7:PM.You are encouraged to attend to show your concern and support for the community.

I posted this because we as bass fishers should be concerned with what's going on.

Here's the thing we should be concerned about.A permit has been applied for to build a mink ranch,300 meters,yes 300 meters from Sloans Lake.As you all know Sloans lake has residents around the lake and most get there domestic water from the lake as it's a spring fed lake.Now we all know what happens with ****crap(mink ****crap),it rolls downhill and it will get into the lake and the residents will be affected.We also know that Sloan's runs into Raynard's and that into Vaughn.If that mink ranch is allowed to be built that close to the lake then "BAD" things are going to happen to that system.
Come to the meeting and get informed and express any concerns you may have,not just as bass fishers but as people concerned about other people.