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Re: lunker king

I was wondering how the 'lunker king' award was going to work. Is the money thats being paid for it coming from the tournament fees? And why is it a team award? I know a few that are in the same 'boat' as me that never intended to go for team of the year due to either fishing with multiple partners or not having a steady partner or having a partner that never got a membership. Just thinking that it would have more people competing and if the money/prizes are coming out of all members entry fees, then it would be fair for every one to qualify. Just figured I'd post this to get everyone thinking about something other than all the fish they'll be catching in Milo.

Re: lunker king

It is a team award because our tournaments are team tournaments. There is no money payout for this, just maybe a big yearly trophy and two small trophies for each parntner. Like everything new, sometimes the bugs have to be worked out.

Re: lunker king

Just to clarify there is some money set aside this year for tis award

....its in its first year and there are bound to be bugs that need to be ironed out...hopefully at the agm next year we can get some input into the good points and stuff we need to work on...

One more time for everyone WEIGH A LUNKER....EVEN IN MILO they all count for the Lunker Kings


Can't wait for Saturday