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Nil, Nil, Nil.....common, where is your sense of adventure & challenge. Your a good milo man.

Re: Nil

Wasn't thinking of me so much Steve; just the guys who have a hard time in Milo. Figured if they could have a descent catch for a change they wouldn't mind going so much.

Re: Nil

We all know Milo is gonna be tough when ever the tourny is.......As for it being better a certain time a year....just checkes the tourny results,,,2007 Milo tourny in June 1 weight over 4 pounds...2009 Milo in Aug...8 weights over 4 pounds

Milo is a tough fish when ever we go there...With the lack of lakes we are using OPP and wentworth alot....not ideal but it has to be done....lakes like Milo and Kempt back are Lake that we can put in between OPP and we dont spend the last 6 weeks of the season in 2 lakes

Good discussion and good points...keep them coming this is why we posted them so people could have thier say before the AGM. Im sure we'll visit this again in the Milo boat club...ironically enough


Re: Nil

Thanks for the explaination George. Now I understand and agree.