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Re: Raynards Lake

Hey Richard,haven't heard that it was cancelled for sure,the possibility is there that it "may be" cancelled but I haven't heard anything definitive.

The launch is still usable as of today.I went down and checked the stake I put in the lake and it looks like the water level hasn't changed from yesterday.However if they open the dam tomorrow the 1st of June as they have been saying then I suspect when I check tomorrow on my way home my stake may be high and dry

I suspect now that lobster season is done that George may take a cruise to the lake and have a look for himself and he in consultation with the rest of the exec will give us the word by Wednesday like Goerge posted.Anyway I plan on taking a look for myself both tomorrow and Wednesday.
I'm hoping NSP will forget they have a job to do until next week
I'll post what I see tomorrow evening.


Re: Raynards Lake

WOW!!!!what a difference a day makes
I stopped at Raynard's on my way home this evening and low and behold the stake I placed in the lake is now high and dry...guess NSP didn't forget they had a job to do

The stake I placed in the lake this past Sunday was placed 2" into the water and as of right now there is 2" of dry land between the stake and the lake edge,so that means a drop of 4" in total.So by Saturday who knows how low it's gonna be?????

I plan on dropping by there tomorrow on my way to work as I am very curious what the drop is gonna be between when I checked this evening and tomorrow morning.
If you are also curious what the lake level is,call me after 9am tomorrow at the shop.


Re: Raynards Lake

I would just like to say thanks Ken for the updates keep them coming. Even if we don't like them LOL .. I for one have been doing a rain dance since they said they were opening the dam......PS nsp sucks :(