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Strictly Fish"N"Tackle Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

Here are the results for the top 5 of the Guys&Gals tournament.

1st place:Steven and Emily Watkins....10.40lbs.

2nd place:Reg and Angela Kendrick.....7.97lbs.

3rd place:Richard Hiltz and Jolita D'Entremont..7.62lbs.

4th place:Trent and Yvonne Waybret...6.88lbs. and,

5th place:Tammy and Terry Knox.......5.52lbs.

Lunker was also won by Steven and Emily Watkins with a lunker of 3.30lbs.

Small fish award was won by Joey and Debbie Nickerson...their fish measured in at 5 5/8"

There were 17 teams that competed and the thing that stuck out in my mind during the presentations was that priceless look on Emily's face...well done girl .

Thanks to those that competed and we look forward to putting it on again next year .


Re: Strictly Fish"N"Tackle Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

thanks go out to you & lillian ken....great job as usual, look forward to it every summer.

Re: Strictly Fish"N"Tackle Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

congrats to all the winners