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Water levels.

Howdy folks,

Went by OPP yesterday and what a shocking sight.The area where we do the weigh-in was under water,the swing set was surrounded by water.The well that is near the lake was almost completely covered.
I have never ever seen the water levels as high as they were,really shocking.The bridge at the canal was looking like there is alot of pressure on the cement embuttment,and water level was only about 6 inches below the bridge and moving super fast.
No water all summer and more than enough now...just glad it wasn't snow

Re: Water levels.

Hi Ken....we had never seen the water level that was unreal in cylde river as well.....oh I can't wait to put my order in for 2011..that is if you are still in business.HA HA

Re: Water levels.

Hey Sid,yeah definately still in business freakin vacation though is going by too **** fast,another week and a half and the shop reopens.

Yeah we heard you folks down that way got alot of water as well.It's gone down quite a bit since last week around here.