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Lakeside Smallmouth Bass Club Forum
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This years AGM will be held at the milo boat club on Thursday April 7th at 7pm. doors will be open at 6:45 for those interested in memberships, classic reg. etc. memberships/classic are also available at Strickly fishing

to avoid any major dissisions being made in haste this year at the AGM the Executive has come up with the following suggestion:

Anyone wanting a change to an existing rule as they stood last season needs to do one of the following:
1. post your concern here in the fourms
2. post your concerns at Strickly fishing there is a sheet in the shop if you prefer to do it there
3.inform an executive member before the AGM
4. there will be a few spaces left on the AGM agenda for any additions at the meeting

this goes for rule changes, changes to the Schedule, or any other major club buisness.

this is to try and avoid any major decissions being made with out proper time to debate and discuss the issue.

any questions just ask