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Thank you so much!

Dear folks at the Yarmouth Smallmouth Bass Club,

It is with deep gratitude that I write this note to you to say thank you ever so much for your generous donation of $500. to our Send-a-Kid to camp Program. This is ongoing and there are always dear children who need to come to camp and experience all there is to offer so that amazing memories can be made. We needed to raise $11,000. last year to help with campers who could not come to 'the best place in this world' without help, and this year was the same. And you dear ones, have made it so that kid's can have a life-changeing experience.

We have almost 400 young people come through our gates each year who's lives are changed forever because they had the opportunity to spend a week with us. Camp Peniel offer's so much for their physical, mental and spiritual well being plus we love kids! You do to since you gave from your heart and for that we are grateful.

Thank you ever so much and may you be blessed because you gave.

With heartfelt thanks,

Christine J. Long
Executive Director - Camp Peniel