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Re: Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

Thanks again for another great tournament..enjoyed very much also thanks for the T-shirts...looking forward to next years tournament.Congrats to you and Lillian..Billy and Brooke..also to the team that got the smallest fish,forget who it was....Ken there is some nice fish in Killiams Lake!!!!

Sid and Madeline

Re: Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

Hi Sid,

The smallest fish was won by Billy&Brooke...thanks for reminding me about it

Yep,couldn't agree with you more about the nice fish in that lake,almost every bag had a nice one

As far as trhe T-Shirts were the handsomest guy this side of the Pacos with your's on...according to Lillian Then again she needs glasses


Re: Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

Who got lunker?

Re: Guys&Gals results!!!!!!

Billy Nickerson and Brooke 3.52lb