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Re: Heads up on the new letter

Spot on Ken you have 1 sub for each guy on the boat and 2 do have to name your partner at the first tourny.... if you don't know that you have a steady partner name the person that will fish with you most(if you know) and who knows maybe you fish enough with one partner to have enough tournys to qualify for TOY.

Classic is individual so each time you fish weather it be by yourself or with a partner your weight wait goes with you alone so no problwm there.

Good Luck this year Buddy


PS had a frying pan full of Trout with Steve today on the Island it was pretty good.

Re: Heads up on the new letter

Great explanation George,thought that's how it is
Yeah I seen Steve's jeep at the launch and figured you fellas were going to be having a cook out.

Good luck to you and Steve as well this coming year...we're gunnin for ya