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Re: New Schedule?

Hey Shawn,are your finger tips sore Did Melissa have the fire extinguisher handy in case that keyboard caught on fire with that blazing speed Oh wait a minute,she probably wrote it and you proof read it eh

Actually that was a well written post and well thought out,Kudos to you!!!!
Totally agree with the point/s(no pun intended,lol) on Kempt Back.
Screw Vaughn,bring on OPP.
You are also right about the exec going above and beyond to get things done and from what I can gather they are keeping up to speed and on top of the Vaughn situation...Kudos to them
The one thing that concerns me about Vaughn is that some folks may have access to Vaughn,through friends on the lake etc and with the gate being locked that isn't fair to those that can't get access.However with our out dated prefish rule that may not matter anyway,guess I just way layed my own concern