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Kempt Back Lake launch !!!

Howdy folks,
I am looking for a few volunteers to help spread gravel and cut some trees at the Kempt Back Lake launch area.
Two loads of gravel are being trucked in before Saturday morning and would like everyone who is willing to come, be there for 9AM.Bring a shovel and a rake if you have them.Right now there is myself,Bernie Hurlbert and Rob Nickerson and his young partner showing up.Also we have a guy meeting us there with a tractor and he has a bucket on the tractor to make life easier.
Don't be shy and come give us a hand please,this is for all club members benefit



Re: Kempt Back Lake launch !!!

Ken, do you mean tommorow morning?

Re: Kempt Back Lake launch !!!

pretty sure it is tomorow mornig Ian