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500th Engineer Co PB

Looking for anyone who served with me in 500th during this period, especially S/Sgt Raymond Skipper. Sgt. Darrel Manness, Lou Petrocelli, and anyone else. Thanks, Jim

Re: 500th Engineer Co PB

Hello! When did you serve with the 500th? I was a mechanic with them since Ft. Bragg in 1966. We shipped out for Nam in November 1966. Spent a wonderful year at Long Binh base (heh) but mostly we were on the road building Panel Bridge or roads. I came back to the world in Nov 1967 and then did my remaining time at Ft Rucker, AL. Glad to see someone from the 500th! If you were in Nam, Welcome Home! If not, great to meet you anyway! Hope to hear from you.
Regards, Dave

Re: 500th Engineer Co PB

Hi Jim, When were you with the 500th, later the 79th?
If I remember right S/Sgt Skipper was in charge of 1st Platoon, Sgt. Manness was a squad leader in 2nd Platoon. Petrocelli sounds familiar but just can't place the face. I've forgotten most of the names, not surprisingly since its been almost 40 years.

Re: 500th Engineer Co PB

I was there from April 69 to March 27th 1970. was in 1st sguad most of year. Skipper was squad leader most of the time. Manness was asst. squad leader until the joining of 100 and 500 to form 79 Engr. Provisional Bridge. I stay in Skipper's squad until I derosed. Darrel died in August 1998 in Ashville NC. I visited his home town a couple of years ago and visited his grave there. 1313jw1949@gmail.com is my email. Petrocelli was from Philly and a jeep driver, awarded a Arcom w/ V device for ambush in Nov 1969 action( Sgt Cook and Sgt Grant awarded Bronze Star w/ Vdevice same action. Sgt Larest sutton was killed and Lt Rene Taylor was wounder along w/ jeep drive from second platton whose name I can not remember). Paul Chilton was jeep driver for CO in our squad also. Love to hear from guys of that era. Jim Schmidt Sp 4 aka "OCS'