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Re: 100th and the 500th

After some searching I finally found this site again. In answer to your question on the E-6 crane operator his name (found on another site) was Wayne Barnum. He was killed 12/8/68. I remember the convoy when that jeep was hit. We were going to an FSB hauling gravel & rock for an artillery unit. I can't remember the names of the occupants but remember the Sgt. on the 60 was killed and the driver and Lt. were wounded pretty badly. We lost another on a convoy to another FSB supporting the Cambode adventure. He'd only been in country 6 months.

I'd like to see any pictures you have as all mine were lost in a fire years ago. Here's a couple of sites you might want to check out.



Re: 100th and the 500th

Alex,(and all others who may read this)
Most of the people posting seem to be from later tours with the 500th Eng Co (PB) than I was. I was with the 500th at Ft Bragg in 1966 when we first came to the Nam on the SS John Pope. Along with us on the ship were a few other engineer companies (104th DT, 503rd FB, 100th) and the 199th Light Infantry Brigade. We built the aluminum hooches at the north end of Long Binh overlooking Ho Nai vil to the north. We had the first 500th casualty, Tommy Ray Garton from CA. He was finishing a roadway pulling a sheep's foot roller when his from wheel hit a mine, killing him. Another fellow left the company when he was badly burned while welding above the showers igniting the fuel. No one else was killed that tour but my friend Jones Rich from TN had a .45 go off injuring his leg. He was lucky and finished the tour okay. I was there during the time we supported the Aussies and got the infamous 'Red Kangaroo' painted on our vehicles. I left in Nov 67 and knew nothing of the joining of the 500th with the 100th to become the 79th (BP). I think they are currently part of the 15th Eng and may be in Germany from what I've read. The only contacts I have from the company that served with me are Denny Weissflog and Mike Cieski. I hope this post finds you and all our 500th Vets well.
Dave (NY State)

Re: 100th and the 500th

Hi Dave,

Interesting read on your posting as I now know more pre-November 68 when I joined the 500th(PB)and continued when we were combined with the 100th(FB) to become the 79th(BP). It was also interesting to see that you are from the great Empire state as I was born and raised in Syracuse. Winters finally got the best of me and now I reside in Hawaii.

Best to you and yours this Thanksgiving,
Alex Miller

Re: 100th and the 500th

The guy you are talking that was kill last name was Vaughe he was from George look on the wall and fine his name.

Re: 100th and the 500th

I have a couple people that was with the 500 and 100 if you wanrt to cont or call me me at 972 780 0260 thanks jack clymer