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Help cat has asthma

I need help getting medicine for my cat Ditto who has feline asthma I am recently unemployed and money is very tight right now if someone can offer any help Ditto and i will be very much obliged Thank you

Re: Help cat has asthma

Dear Tim,

I have also been in a similar situation when money was tight yet I also needed help for a similar problem within my multi-cat family. I volunteered at our city's animal shelter and also spent my weekends walking dogs and cleaning cat cages. In exchange for my time, their vets provided care for the queen requiring medication. I have also delivered flyers within our neighbourhoods and a host of other simple jobs to make money and keep my cats healthy. Such work may not be for everyone but my reward was a personal weight loss from so much walking and my queen lived for many additional years. I would have done anything to help her and when this situation occurred I felt compelled to earn money no matter what the cost to my personal time or ego.

If I may be of any additional assistance, please let me know.

Yours truly,

Jasmine Kinnear
Feline Behaviour Consultant