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SEVERE Stud tail Reacurring very sick respiratory issue

I recently purchased a male himalayan for a very large amount of money. The breeder told me he was in good health and had been shaved along with all others as general grooming practice when not showing. This male was not even a year old yet and I drove almost 4 hours to get him. When I arrived the cat was sniffley and had 2 small patches on his back that the breeder claimed was food allergies. After 4 months with me the cat is still not better. I have spent a great deal of money on a vet who has not cured him and now after continued discussion with the seller, I have come to realize she sold me her problem for top dollar. The breeder knows I have recognized that she knew more about his problems and keeps trying to change our agreement and or say that it is something entirely different all together as if I misunderstood. She is selling sick cats and breeding them to death. My boy has severe respiratory problems and severe stud tail that keeps coming back repeatedly. Medicated food and shampoos and topical creams along with antibiotics and steroids are not helping. Vitamins and suppliments may help for a short time but then it comes back. His tail and back keep crusting and becoming covered in dark black oily tar like buildup that causes his hair to fall out and sores to form. I am doing all I can to keep him from developing secondary infections and keep him comfortable. I am so horrified at the condition of this cat and others she is selling and pretending to not know what it is. She is still selling them to others and became angry when I confronted the cats health problems. I am worried for all the cats in her care and the others who will buy a kitten not knowing of the genetics behind her line. She also registered my male for me and put herself as co owner when that was never agreed apon. She insists it was but I know I would never have purchased him if this had been the case for the price I paid for him. Im not sure what to do in this situation. The cat clearly does not deserve a life of sickness and cages with her so I can't send him back but I am have lost a major investment and my dream cat as I am not financially able to bear this kind of medical expense over and over. I do not trust her and she is very deceitful. I addressed the co ownership and she refused to give me the rights I paid for and get away from her and her bad ethics and continues to cause me even more distress on top of the constant care and upkeep of this sick little boy. Please help. Any advice is very much needed.