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male cat around kittens

i have a male cat and a female cat that are always around eachother in my apartment. they never go outside so i am sure they will end up pregnant. when the kittens are born should i let my male cat go around them or will he harm them?

Re: male cat around kittens

I have two male cats that look like a mixed breed of saimese, one had kittens with a little black cat and would always take turns with her laying with the kittens. The other had kittens with another cat and he didn't like them at all. So, to answer your question it all depends on your cat. If you have kittens, just watch him and if he seem to get violent towards them separate the kitten from him.

Re: male cat around kittens

I think it would depend r ur male cat u might want him away when shes ready/having the kittens because he might stress her

Re: male cat around kittens

You should not let your male cat around your kittens.A young male first or second time father can be great around them,nurturing them and playing with them attentively. But as that cat becomes a seasoned stud other things can happen.Further more this scenerio can change rapidly and unpredictably. I know a cat breeder who has far too many animals and was allowing one of her young studs to wander about the house. One of the female kittens she sold at age 3 months was discovered to be one month pregnant at age 4 months and the vet had to terminate the pregnancy.One of my own studs was out one day when I was cleaning my pen and I came apon him biting his 6 week old daughter on the neck,kneading her sides, and attempting to mount her! So you see, event if your stud is gentle around the kittens it is still unwise to leave him with them.