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bengal cats

i have an 9 mth. old bengal f cat.trying to breed her but she is having nothing to do with the male.he has recently started spraying.he tries to mate with her and bites her neck while on top of her but she lies down and we cant see if he has penetrated.she has been there for 5 days now.every time we look at her hind end she gets really mad.when we catch them in the process, it is only for seconds at a time.the thing is, the lady with the male is wantin to get him fixed a.s.a.p because he is spraying all over her house.what should i do?

Re: bengal cats

When a caged queen becomes pregnant she will stop calling and the male will become disinterested in her. If the male is still showing interest it is best to leave them together for a few more days. When the female has been separated from the male she will no longer have a heat cycle. It is best to keep a schedule of your queen's calling cycle to assist in judging the time she may next call. With time you will know by the color change of her nipples and affectionate changes in personality that she is pregnant.
It has been my experience that breeding a male cat does not decrease spraying. With many males it then becomes a life time habit that is difficult to break. Although aggression may cease spraying unfortunately may continue to be a problem.
Please let the Forum know the outcome of your queen's progress. The best of luck to you with your future litter.

Jasmine Kinnear,
Feline Behavior Consultant
Confessions of a Cat Breeder