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urinary blockage male cat

I have a seven year old neutered male cat that is unable to void. Crystals in the urine, bladder obstructions, and tumors have been ruled out. The vet is able to extract urine with a catheter, but the cat cannot go on his own. The cat is on a couple of antibiotics and valium to help relax his muscles, but nothing has helped. According to the vet, surgery may not work in this case. Has anyone ever heard of a similar situation? I have a new baby (2months), and our income is limited. My vet bill is already over $600, but I really don't want to put my cat to sleep.I'm searching for options. Thanks.

Re: urinary blockage male cat

Hi Fran,

I believe the condition you are describing is Feline Cystitis. There are 2 types. One with crystals and one without. I remember Jasmine addressed this issue with someone else a while back who also had a similar problem with their cat and also had a new baby. The introduction of the new baby into the house was causing an emotional stress for the cat. Usually a change in food (see your vet) and antibiotics administered by your vet as well as some separation away from the baby will aid the cat in adjusting to the new situation at home.

I hope things improve for your kitty. Please let us know how things turn out.