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Vets, cats and complains

It seams that I have a slight problem at the moment:

I had my cat spayed just 2 weeks ago. Not only did the put stitches, but they put staples on top of stitches.

Well, yesterday they removed stitches and staples, and surprise - they discover a nasty scene:

there is a life muscle tissue between and on top of skin!

Basically, it looks like one side of wound grow into the skin, part of a flesh was left simply cut and placed on top of this skin, and a second side of a skin wound is left hanging. Did you get that?

Anyway, they are not saying that this is their fault, but they are ready to cut her again, clean everything and stitch her up again free of charge!

To tell you the truth, at this moment I don't care about cost of another operation, I am just devastated it happened in a first place!?

Studied medicine before, I have a pretty good idea as to what went wrong, and what are the worse case scenarios that can happened in humans, but not familiar with cats.

In anyway, I wondered if anyone can suggest or guide me as to any association or governing body that I can complain to stop this happening to other cats (did I mention that I have 2 cats, and I had different but a problem with the first one as well?).

Any information/suggestion/help would be very much appreciated, as I am very angry, frustrated and lost as the moment.

Thank you.

Re: Vets, cats and complains

Well dont go there any more & tell ur friends,family,ect.. that use that vet about ur problems so they wont go there.Im not sure who u could tell but just let people know ur concerns be 4 they go there too

Re: Vets, cats and complains


You do have recourse. Where is your vet licensed? You can report a Vet the same way you can report a Doctor.

Did you do a web search on Veterinary complaints or Veterinary malpractice?