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Munchkin Cats

Hi, I'm not sure how the forum works, but if any of you regulars out there are feeling generous, please let me know. I am a great lover of Munchkin cats, and have (2 years ago) decided to become a good, solidly ethical breeder--doing things the "right" way, not the easy way. I have studied everything I can online and in books from the library about cat breeding and the munchkin breed in general. I have a wonderful stud from a good reputable breeder, and a gorgeous non-standard female. They are my two babies. I am looking for someone to just answer a few questions about breeding and helping me get my feet wet. Even just one conversation would greatly help. My female has come into heat, and my male mounted her and they both looked like they were trying their heart out, but they never "connected". I'm wondering if the size difference between them is an issue? My male is the standard munchkin, so he is much shorter. My female is the non-standard (regular) cat, so she is taller. It just seemed like my boy couldn't "reach" her there. After feeling so prepared with all my studying, I now find myself kind of floundering. If anyone has any advice or knows of what the problem could be, please let me know. Anyone is welcome to contact me via email or IM. Browneyedgurl224@aol.com. Thanks so much.

Re: Munchkin Cats

Dear Beth,

Thanks for posting your question on Jasmine's Feline Forum. Firstly, congratulations on studying for two years before starting your breeding program and for wanting to do things the right way, with ethics. I forwarded your posting to Jasmine and she has some preliminary questions for you:

1) Is your male a virgin or is he proven?
2) Is your queen a virgin?
3) Has your queen come back into heat?
4) Are your queen's nipples pinking up?
5) Is this the 1st litter for your queen?

If your queen has not come back into heat, it is possible that the mating was successful and as a new breeder you are simply unaware that she is pregnant.

There are many examples of smaller males successfully breeding with larger queens.

Please answer the above questions and hopefully we'll be able to help you through this problem.

We look forward to hearing back from you again soon.

Take care,

Paul Anderson
Confessions of a Cat Breeder

Re: Munchkin Cats


thanks for getting back so quickly. No, neither my male nor female have ever "done it" yet. They are both new to the mating game. My female, Zsa Zsa, has not come back into heat since then. This took place around March 19-21st or so. I was under the impression that queens came into heat for 3-4 days, every approx. two weeks until they are bred. She has not come back into heat since then, and there is no difference in her stomach size whatsoever. I have noticed that her nipples seem to be turning a pinker color, though they are not swelling or anything. The hair around them also *seems* to be spreading away, but again.. nothing so noticeable that I could look and say "oh yeah, we'll have kittens". Is she going through a false pregnancy maybe? Or am I maybe just overdramatizing her symptoms, and she didn't get bred at all and just hasn't come into heat. ? Thanks.

Re: Munchkin Cats

Hi Beth,

Although it is possible that your queen, Zsa Zsa, may be experiencing a false pregnancy, I'm more inclinded to believe that she is pregnant. A queen should have come back into heat by this time according to the dates that you have provided.

With her nipples pinking up and the hair lost around her nipples, it appears her body is preparing for her first litter. Please watch her carefully for any discharge and maintain a good source of nutrition for her litter. I would cater to my girls during their pregnancies and found cooked chicken was a favourite. If her appetite has increased and she is becoming very affectionate with you I would suspect your male was successful.

If you have any further concerns please contact me. If you have any concerns about Zsa Zsa's health, a vet check would be strongly advised.

Please keep in contact with us and congratulations, you will truly enjoy the experience of being a registered breeder.

Take care,
Jasmine Kinnear