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Honey is feeling her age

My darling Honey whose story you published is almost fourteen and has suddenly started to show it. SHe eats very little, doesn't groom herself, and sleeps all day. She still purrs if I pet her and can jump up to the bed. I brush her and give her soft food to eat. She still has her teeth. How will I know if she is in pain without spending hundreds on bloodwork? If only she could talk.

Re: Honey is feeling her age

Dear Robin,

Thanks for posting your message on Jasmine Kinnear’s Feline Forum. Jasmine feels that your post is more of a personal matter that should be dealt with through e-mail and not on the Feline Forum. As such, you will receive an e-mail message from her very soon.

We all hope that Honey’s health improves!

For those cat owners who may find themselves in a similar situation, Jasmine offers the following general advice:
Unfortunately without the blood work for a senior feline an owner simply won't know what their cat's problem may be. Her blood work could indicate a thyroid problem which can be corrected, or it may indicate that her kidneys are an issue which may require a special diet. As a cat ages sometimes a simple cat flu can set them back and as their owners we naturally panic. Your beloved cat may prove to be diabetic as my Chrissy was, which means with insulin she still has years ahead for you to enjoy her. Investing in a blood test at your vet's may be the best money you ever spent.

Other comments are always welcome.

Take care,

Paul Anderson
Confessions of a Cat Breeder