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are Torties usually mute?

My darling new kitty Turtle is a Tortie and doesn't meow audibly. She opens her mouth but all I can hear is a tiny squeak. Sometimes she makes little sounds when she jumps up but for the most part she is just so quiet. She does purr though. I've been doing research on the net and it seems that there are many accounts of mute Torties. Is it just coincidence? She's only seven months old, by the way. I think it's cute that she is mute, but is it possible that she is just shy?

Re: are Torties usually mute?

Hi Robin,

Tortie's are my favourite domestic. That's how I picked my Tia, she was the most beautiful reddish Tortie. She's pictured with me on this site and graces the back of our last book's cover in all her beauty. Tia was always quiet and rarely meowed, she said everything with just one look. I believe that torties are a respectful lot that become totally devoted to their owners. They can be slow to trust and love and prefer to share the intimacy of the silent meow with their owners.

I believe that Turtle is presently quiet as she is adjusting to her new environment. By nature torties are also slow to adjust to new situations but they are a loving and loyal domestic. Personally Robin I think you have made a wonderful choice. I believe she will meow with time but these felines share such a devotion to their owners that quite often their needs are met and a meow is simply not necessary. I could go on an on about the beauty of Torties, their wonderful personality traits, their endless loyalty and as a matter of fact I have. This personality was one of several that was showcased in my second book 'How to Hide Your Cat From the Landlord'.

Hugs to Turtle...she's a lucky girl and I know with time you'll understand the mystique of these tortie beauties for they are a one of a kind domestic......