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hiding cats

i have been with my certain landlord now for about 8 yrs noone ever comes to my apt unless i call for a repair or once a week they come to collect rent and its been that way for a very long time.i deal with bipolar and depression very much and have always been a cat lover i am thinking of geting a cat and hiding her frm my landlord.is there any tips besides moving to another apt.ive read there are alot of ppl out there seething because some ppl have to hide there pets why its not like commiting murder or armed robbery? why not chill if i were to get caught i have to take responsibility for my actions,but what i am looking for are tips or advice on hiding her

Re: hiding cats

Dear Carlos,

Thanks for your message on our Feline Forum. Jasmine Kinnear’s second book, How to Hide Your Cat From the Landlord discusses the very subject you mentioned. The book is available from online retailers such as Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com, etc., or directly from the web site.

Links to purchase the book and also information about the book can be found by clicking on the following:

If I may be of any further assistance, please let me know.

Take care,

Paul Anderson
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