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Christian Foxhunters Assoc 1 day results

65 under 17"
143 above 17"

1st 176 Sally Ja McCoys Lumberjack x Littons weedeater
Owner Cole Ellison
2nd 144 Nathan Wagner
3rd 712 Running Ragged
4th 168 Silly G&K Kennels
5th 141 Running Ragged
6th 419 Running Ragged
7th 124 Sandy Ja McCoys Lumberjack x Littons Weedeater
Owner Cole Ellison
8th 991 Lick Skillet Ziva Kane Hotrod x Lick Skillet Allie
Owner Lick Skillet
9th 716 Running Ragged
10th 418 Chief G & K Kennels
No combo winner

1st 58 KK Kings Hot rod x Kings lil Sister
Johnny King
2nd 2 Hatchet David Orrell
3rd 53 Colt Sharp
4th 36 Trawicks El Macho Willie Nelson x Penny
Cody Trawick
5th 3 Baby girl Roger x Squaller Noel Vincent
6th 30 Trawicks Ace High Trawicks Black Ice x Trawicks Raincloud Cody Trawicks
7th 39 Trawicks Showoff Trawicks Black Ice x Freeda
Cody Trawick
8th 4 Paleface Blitz x Zoie Gary House
9th 68 Yates & Sons
10th 82 Digger Josh Lambert
Combo 53 Colt Sharpie