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C&M 2 Day Derby Results

C&M 2 Day Derby
Masters GTP
July 28th & 29th, 2017
104 entries
by Lonnie Ward

I think this was the best 2 Day Derby yet. We had a very good class of hounds (104) and the best class of game we have ever had and the hunters were as always very friendly with good attitudes. We had some new hunters that we hope will be back again. They were super nice and we had hunters from 4 states. The weather man called for early storms but the rain held off until the last minute. It was very hot but after the rain started it cooled off a great deal. There was a lot of food consumed and enough tea to float a boat. We are always open for ideas to improve our C&M 2 Day Derby, so if you have any suggestions please let us hear from you. The kids were happy because they had 2 days of free range.
We had 15 well qualified judges led by one of the top Master of Hounds. These were as follows: Master of Hounds, Mr. Clyde Sutton, Asst. Master of Hounds Mr. Pete Warren, Bench Show Judge Craig Noble, Ring Master Jody Duvall, Dwight Little, Tommy Carter, T.J. Brown, Duck Britt, Tommy Murray, Zander Holden, Bill Holden, James Benton, Joey Fowler, Cody Watts and Preston Watts. Thank you all for a job well done.
It takes a lot of helping hands to put on a field trial. I want to thank Dwayne Enzor for being a go getter for 2 days and Sandy for helping take up the meal money, cooking and cleaning up. She may not answer our calls for about a year afraid we would ask her to help again. At least she has a lot of nerve because she came back the 2nd day to help again. I also want to thank Hilda’s friend Alice Norris for helping Hilda and running errands and selling 50/50 tickets and working also in the kitchen. A big thanks to Kiley Tanner for helping with the scores on the last day and to Grant Hoff for working on the pig cooker and Brad Turbeville for game patrol. Also thanks to Johnny Shaw for dumping trash and cutting up and testing water mellons.
Thanks again to Mike Carr with Pride and Randy McGovern with Showtime for your support of our hunts.
C&M gave $200.00 each to the high score S&D winner each day. 1st Day- #799 Barnhill’s Slim Jim: Hawkeye’s Slim & Farmer’s Emmy Lou/ Greg Barnhill, Evergreen, N.C., 2nd Day-#73 B&B’s Nancy: soy ch. Whisenant’s Jimmy B & B&B’s Pearl, B&B Knls., Powhatan & Zuni, Va.
Congrats to all the winners.
Stay Tuned for the 3 day hunt in October. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Bench Show

1st #13 Trail Blazin Lil Bit: Wells’ Floyd and Kannon’s Tiny II/ Trail Blazin Knls, Whiteville, N.C.
2nd #87 Cherry’s Minnie: Nobles’ Shotgun & Wards’ Kelly: Daniel Cherry, Conway, S.C.
3rd #70 B&B’s Pop Rock: Buckshot’s Hard Rock & Whisenant’s Candy B./B&B Knls., Powhatan/Zuni, Va
4th #96 B&B’s Katie: soy ch. Whisenant’s Jimmy B & B&B’s Pearl/ B&B Knls., Powhatan & Zuni, Va
5th #81 Oakland’s Killary: Oakland’s Mustang & Oakland’s Beach/ Bert & John Hill, Washington, N.C.
6th #28 Shaws’ Whitney: Shipman&Nelsons’ Easy &Shipman & Nelsons’ Whitney/ Johnny Shaw, Moncure, NC
7th #68 TR’s Lila PTK: M&S Ruger & Quick Catch Foxxy/ Tinker Ramsey, Leland, N.C.
8th #8 Smokem Up’s Savey: Smokem Up’s Clyde & Smokem Up’s Silk/ Smokem Up Knls., Evergreen, N.C.
9th #15 Top Gun Pursuit: ch. Top Gun Shadow & ch. Spiveys’ Lady Cajun S./ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
10th #5 Top Gun Tribute: ch. Top Gun Shadow & ch. Spiveys’ Lady Cajun S./ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.


1st #22 Trail Blazin Bandit: B&B Texas & B&B Lil Ruth/ Trail Blazin Knls., Whiteville, N.C.
2nd #6 Hoff’s Renegade: Hawkeye’s Slim & No Pitty Flute/ Grant Hoff, Cerro Gordo, N.C.
3rd #3 (f) ch. P & J’s Dallas: ch. Whisenants’ Jimmy B & Patterson’s Mindy /Bukskin Creek Knls.,Sadley,Va.
4th #17 Trail Blazin JJ: ch. Whisenant’s Jimmy B. & Dialed Inn/ Trail Blazin Knls./ Whitevillel,N.C.
5th #211 B&B’s Superman: soy ch. Whisenant’s Jimmy B. & B&B’s Pearl/ B&B Knls, Powhatan/ Zuni, Va.
6th #107 TR’s Driver PTK/ Wells’ Floyd and Kannon’s Tiny/ Tinker Ramsey, Leland, NC

BIS #22 Trail Blazin Bandit, Trail Blazin Knls.
BOS #13 Trail Blazin Lil Bit, Trail Blazin Knls.

104 hounds/ Pts. to get in 1264/ pts to win 1538

1st #56 Shake-N-Bake DD: Shake-N-Bake Carhartt & Shake-N-Bake BB/ Shake-N-Bake Knls., Maxton, N.C.
2nd #71 Front Row’s Float: Whisenant’s Jimmy B & Lewis’ Ellie/ Front Row Knls., Ash, N.C.
3rd #7 Knockouts’ Try Me: MK’s Poker & Top Gun Velvet / Knock Out Knls., Nakina, N.C.
4th #4 Brunswick’s Slick: MK’s Moe: & High Cotton Heidi/ Brunswick Knls., Leland, N.C.
5th #114 Monster Boy: Morrison’s Bossman & Mills’ White Girl/ Ham-mer Down Knls., Delco, N.C.
6th #15 Top Gun Pursuit: ch. Top Gun Shadow & Spivey’s Lady Cajun S./ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
7th #9 S&D Storm: ch. Top Gun Shadow & S&D Yoyo/ S&D Knls., Nichols, S.C.
8th #73 B&B’s Nancy: soy ch. Whisenant’s Jimmy B. & B&B’s Pearl/ B&B Knls., Powhatan & Zuni, Va.
9th #20 Quick Catch Flood: ch. Haas’ Red Storm& Kirkley’s Tootsie/ Quick Catch & Rosewood’s Knls.,Whiteville,N.C
10th #59 Shake-N-Bake Miley : Crisco Charlie & Shake-N-Bake Magic/ Shake-N-Bake Knls., Maxton,N.C.

BM #14 P&J’s Roach /Bukskin Creek Knls., Sadley, Va
CH #211 B&B’s Superman/ B&B Knls., Powhatan & Zuni, Va.
C #15 Top Gun Pursuit; Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.