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2018 Graded Leaderboard Hunt Results
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Saline County Field Trial

All Age Results
1st 111 M&K Skeet (McCoy's Bud X Bonner's Azeri) M&K Kennels Kirby,Ar.
2nd 174 Walter's Rowdy (Herrin's Henry X Herrin's Pinkie) Aaron & Gunner Walters Sheridan, Ar.
3rd 175 Walter's Reba (Herrin's Henry X Herrin's Pinkie) Aaron & Gunner Walters Sheridan, Ar.
4th 114 Dial's Scarlet (Ch. Jet Pilot Ray X Dillion's Fine Line Smurh) Dial Kennels Leola, Ar.
5th 124 Jones' Jill (Sadler's Tin Man X Clear Cut Black Fly) Ronnie Jones Sterlington, La.
6th 150 Coal Creek Sooner (Ch. McClellans Louie X Butler's Black Betty) Preacher Ratley Kilbourne, La.
7th 104 Corley's Minnie (Moonlight's Red Man X Corley's Rocket) Corley Kennels Prattsville, Ar.
8th 128 Starkey's Barbie Doll (Starkey's Razor X Bob's Dawn) Harold Starkey Starkey Kennel Fredrickstown, Mo.
9th 134 Bonnie Pilkington (McCoy's Bud X Bonner's Azeri) Larry Pilkington Sheridan, Ar.
10th 126 Sims Hill Stroker (Sims Hill John X Jack Branch Freckles) Sims Hill Kennel Calhoun, La.
Best Mouth 174 Walter's Rowdy
Classy Hound 111 M&K Skeet
Combination 111 M&K Skeet
59 All Age Entered
Run Feb. 7-9 2019 2 day derby 3day all age
ad page 45 Jan. 2019 hunters horn
Bob Taylor President
Jimmy Wright Secretary
Shelby Williams MOH

Re: Saline County Field Trial

7th place dam is Corleys Racket