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2020 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Dixieland Derby

Dixieland Derby was held at Joe's Branch Fox Preserve Enon La
Feb 22nd & 23rd 2020

137 hounds entered

1st 141 WFO's Rose (Bryce's Big Boy x John B's Blossom) WFO's Knls
2nd 51 Red Bird McCallum (Ch Peyton's Heartbreaker x TOC's Red Gal) McCallum Knls
3rd 47 WolfRiver Lil Red (WolfRiver Johnny Ringo x Ladners May R) WolfRiver Knls
4th 61 B & J's Temp (B & J's Secretariat x B & J's Ringneck) Short Bus Knls
5th 49 Cadillac's Tilly (Frazier Bro Business Man x Sims Thelma) Cadillac Knls
6th 6 Cadillac's Reggie (Broadway's Curly Bill x Pawnee's Lou II) Cadillac Knls
7th 72 Gibbstown Tator (Gibbstown Bojingle x Gibbstown Jena) Chunky River & Gibbs Town Knls
8th 84 Wise's Hondo (Ch McMillan's Fat Boy x McMillans Countess) To Low Knls
9th 9 Dee's Shady (Ch McMillan Fat Boy x B & J Dorrito) Dee's Knls
10th 96 Cadillac's Top Shelf (Fitzgerald Ronaldo x Blackwell's Bonnie) Cadillac Knls

Classiest Hound #25 Skinny Smith Greensburg, LA
Best Mouth #40 Patrick Dees Vancleave, MS