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Georgia masters derby results

1st. Wommack’s ranger Wommack’s grey boy x B&b Casey
Triple t kennels
2nd night moves juju Night moves Dillon x cobbtowns Leah
Night move kennels
3rd night moves hunter. Teats hero x hills working girl
Night move kennels
4th statelynes joe. Moodys Matthew x temples wicked
Statelyne kennels
5th evans precious. Night moves Dillon x Night moves two face
Richard evans
6th Clint’s Lacey s. Teats hero x j&j mighty fly
Clint Sheppard
7th Wommack Tj. Ga st (f) ch night moves lonesome x stahls little z
Tripple t kennels
8th Turdhill Bigfoot. Buck creek tank x Hilton’s Shelly
Stay ready kennels
9th Turdhill lil Paul. Ch Turdhill smooth x Dale’s talker
Stay ready kennels
10th Archers iceman. Master red x cotton
Dana archer

Combination. Night moves juju Night move kennels

Classiest hound Turdhill Bigfoot. Stay ready kennels