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Hunter's Horn Fall Classic 2 Day Derby

Hunter's Horn Fall Classic 2 Day Derby at Tomahawk Fox Pen, Hemingway SC. Ntl HGA 12/4-12/5/20. 83 dogs cast. Bench Show was Thursday after 1st day of running.* Didn't have bench results on hand to post*


1)#170 Crisco's Cinderella
Kearbys Willie x
Crisco's Flirt
Rodney Crisco

2)#40 Smooth Moves Trump
B&B Loot x
B&B Lil Slipper
Smooth Moves Kennel

3)#61 PostLock Mary Jane
Ch Clayton's Rambler x
Postlock Mary
Postlock Kennel

4)#75 Sandy Mill's Moon
Sandy Mill's Bear x
Postlock Dottie
Sandy Mill's Kennel

5)#44 Crisco's Tuff
Crisco's Charlie x
Craven's Mouse
Rodney Crisco

6)#16 J&W's Sweet Pea
Ch Bond's Wheeler x
J&W's Pandora
Laughing Stock Kennel

7)#92 Slady Bank Ella
Crisco's Charlie x
Slady Bank Bell
Slady Bank Kennel

8)#50 H&J Judy
H&J Arkie x
Hank's Gray Baby
Fast Dog Kennel

9)#3 Slady Bank Bella
Crisco's Charlie x
Slady Bank ?
Slady Bank Kennel

10)#76 EPK's Sexy Thing
Ch Howard's High Tide x
Jamie's Peaches B.
Empty Pockets Kennel

#170 Crisco's Cinderella-Combination

#40 Smooth Moves Trump- Classiest Hound

#84 ??? Best Mouth

The winner of this hunt was recognized by the Hunter's Horn as a 2 Day Derby Ch. Congratulations to Rodney Crisco.

*Any mistakes please comment by reply to post*