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Old Tram 2 Day Derby

Old Tram Fox Pen
Whiteville NC
March 19th-20th
85 entries

1st #16 Mincey's Covid
CH. S&N Repo X FRK's Cheyenne
And Combination Winner
Nick Mincey
Green Sea SC

2nd #0 Mincey's Flo
Trail Blazin Bandit X Slow and Steady Cream
Nick Mincey
Green Sea SC

3rd #83 Pay Pal's Fat Boy
Starkey's Magnum X Dunn's Foxy
T.Z. & Pay Pal Knls.
Lumberton NC

4th #2 H&J's Lu Lu
H&J's Arkie X M.S. Dolly
Classiest Hound
Fast Dog Knls.
Supply NC

5th #47 Slow and Steady's Snap
B&B's Loot X B&B's Katie
Slow and Steady Knls.
Green Sea SC

6th #21 Slow and Steady's Tik Tok
B&B's Loot X CH.B&B's Lil Pearl
Slow and Steady Knls.
Green Sea SC

7th #11 Trail Blazin' Max
Trail Blazin' Bandit X Swamp Music Sarah
Trail Blazin' Knls
Whiteville NC

8th #9 Slow and Steady's Lil Bit
Ch. No pity Jigsaw X Moore's Martha
Slow and Steady Knls.
Green Sea SC

9th #59 Flower's Duster
B&B's Steady X Drive on Spade
Flowers Brothers Knls
Aynor, SC

10th #447 Cain's Big Boy
Ward's Superman 2 X Cain's Lucille
Kendall Cains
Clarendon NC

Best Mouth
#1 BuckShot Rebel
Buckshot's Hardrok X Hoff's Cricket
BuckShot Knls.
Cerro Gordo NC