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2021 Southern Classic FHA results

2021 Southern Classic FHA
April 2-4 2021
Tar River Fox Pen

194 Derby
204 All Age

Derby HGA
1-Bold Run Wyatt - Ray's Ace J x Ray's Windy - Bold Run Kennel NC
2-Trevor's Polly M - Patterson's Slim x Old Church Harley B - Farmboy Kennel NC
3-Country Oak's Rockett - Country Oak's Runaway x Country Oaks Breezy - Country Oaks Kennel VA
4-Wallace's Lil Girl - Wallace's Marcel x Ch. Wallace's Peggy - Powerdrive Kennel VA
5-Burnside's Hope - Ch. P&J's Dallas x Burnside's JoJo - Burnside Kennel NC
6-Southern Boys Suzie Q - WT's Captain Morgan x Fraizers Milky Way - High Pressure Kennel VA
7-Shocco Creek Diamond - Eastview Doc x Dixie Girl - Shocco Creek Kennel
8-No Mercy's Reece - No Mercy Vin Diesel - No Mercy Patsy Cline - East Coast Kennel NC/VA
9-Hunter's Squirtle - B&B John Wayne x Doc Purdy Big Mama - RVT Kennel
10-ADA Spike - Crisco's Jed x FRK Windy - ADA Kennel VA
Combination Bold Run Wyatt - Bold Run Kennel
BM Bold Run Wyatt - Bold Run Kennel
CH WTK Idgie Threadgoode - Ch. Broke Rite's Assassin - Ch. Opie's Dutchess

All Age HGA
1-Daulton's Spunky - Whiskey Creek Rebate x Whiskey Creek Carie - Rudd's Creek Kennel VA
2-Reedy Creek Blondie - Ray's Ace J x Reedy Creek Lady Bug - Reedy Creek Kennel VA
3-SVK's Black Cherry - Country Oak's Jax x Country Oak's Maria - Staunton View Kennel VA
4-Wallace's Zella - SOY Ch. Whisenant's Jimmy B x Broke Rite's Grace - Powerdrive Kennel VA
5-Country Oak's Arrow - P&C Soul Brother x J-Birds Wendy M - Country Oaks Kennel VA
6-Ch. Broke Rite's Ghost - Ch. Broke Rite's Assassin x Broke Rite's Grace - Powerdrive Kennel VA
7-Ross' Tiger - SOY Ch. Whisenant's Jimmy B - DOY B&B Pearl - Hawtree Kennel NC
8-Lil Mule's Dummy - Copeland's Slim Shady x Copeland's Penny - Lil Mule Kennel VA
9-B&B Bentley - SOY Ch. Whisenant's Jimmy B x DOY B&B Pearl - B&B Kennel VA
10-Wallace's Stacey - MK Moe x Craven's Mouse - Powerdrive Kennel VA
Combination Ch. Broke Rite's Ghost Powerdrive Kennel
BM RCK's Big Johnson - Cliborne's Costa x RCK's Elena - Rudd's Creek Kennel
CH Ch. Ray's Bumper - Ray's Ace J x Ray's Windy - Bold Run Kennel