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Ogeechee River 3 Day 2021

Ogeechee River 3 Day 2021
April 7-10 2021 United Fox Pen
Swainsboro Ga
112 Derby
169 All Age

The results were as follows:

Derby Results
1st HGA #22 JBU’s Charlie ( Opie’s Fat Boy X Holts Mercy )
John Underwood Statesboro Ga.
2nd HGA #18 Todd’s Scar ( Turners Ua-Rah X Wommack’s Hersey) Canoochee River Kennels, Claxton Ga
3rd HGA #54 BB Red Gal ( USO Ch BB Clifford X No Pitty Cuddles) World Tour Kennels, Brittons Neck SC
4th HGA #151 Todd’s Nala ( Night Moves Dillan X Wommack’s Yolanda ) Canoochee River Kennels, Claxton Ga
5th HGA #115 SR&R’s Honeybee ( B & B’s Loot X B & B’s Nancy ) Shake Rattle & Roll Jennels, Guyton Ga
6th HGA #70 Millers Clovis ( Miller’s Bro Code X Miller’s Baby Sherry) Miller Kennels, Center Cross Va
7th HGA #92 South Bound Getcha ( Ch CMK’s Calvary IGWT X Lacie J’s Juice Box ) South Bound Kennels,Andrews SC
8th HGA #37 Night Moves Scooby ( Jason’s Ranpage X Night Noves Princess ) Prestige World Wide
9th HGA #160 Plants Romeo ( C & H Rhino X Sapp’s 2 Bar ) Sapp’s Brothers , Newberry Fla
10th HGA #60 Tequila ( Lakehills All Business X Lakehills Brittany C ) Hard to Catch Kennels, Bullock Co

Combination Winner #18 Todd’s Scar
Classiest Hound #18 Todd’s Scar
Best Mouth #70 Millers Clovis

All Age Results
1st HGA #311 Keels Dollar ( Ch Clarke’s Moneymaker X Clarke’s Little Dixie ) Oak Creek Kennels, Riceboro Ga
2nd HGA #700 Night Moves Dancer ( Nightmoves Frenchman X Nightmoves Brownie) Prestige Worldwide
3rd HGA #671 Millers Dad D ( BM’s Daddy D X Millers Sherry) Millers Kennels, Center Cross Va
4th HGA #512 Clint’s Billy Graham S ( Smoaks Lightning X Smoaks Cora ) Clint Sheppard
5th HGA #564 Howard’s Zebco ( Shelly’s Peaches X Howard’s Big Show) Larry Howard, Andrews SC
6th HGA #306 Britts Marvell ( Copeland’s Mojo X J & L’s Miley ) JY & Britts Kennels, Fairmont SC
7th HGA #413 Stricklands Banky ( Ch Clarke’s Moneymaker X Cherrie Hill Moon Pie ) No Trash Kennels, Ludowici Ga
8th HGA #541 Cajun Katie ( Ch CMK’s Calvary IGWT X Ch South Bound Streak ) South Bound Kennels,
9th HGA #511 Marty’s Peaches ( BCM’s Hi Ball X Evans Cindy ) Marty Nease, Brooklet Ga
10th HGA #712 Nightmoves Jane ( Bond’s Little Jack X Oakwood Page ) Prestige Worldwide

Dual Ch #311 Keel’s Dollar
Combination Winner #311 Keel’s Dollar
Classiest Hound #712 Nightmoves Jane
Best Mouth # 701 Nightmoves Cartwright ( Crisco’s Charlie X Leggett’s BB ) Prestige Worldwide

Re: Ogeechee River 3 Day 2021

6th place dog should be britts marcell