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2021 Leaderboard GRADE 1-6
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DERBY (178 Hounds)
1st.#5 Davis'Frenzy ( ch. Clark's Moneymaker x Davis' Nova)Cody & Monkey Davis Andrews,SC
2nd #92 Victoria's Tinder (Caughman's Lawless x Caughman's eHarmony) Caughman and Knight kennels Salley and Swansea, SC
3rd #0 UCLA's Minnie (ch. Howard's High Tide x JP's Wendy Lou) UCLA Kennels Aynor, SC
4th #Ward's Nelly (Thomas' Slim x Cribbs Cricket) Kat Daddy Kennels Lamberttown, SC
5th #28 No Pitty's Shine ( Myer's Dozier x Myer's Snowflake) No Pitty Kennels Andrews, Sc
6th #154 Radcliffe & SB Brittany (Radcliffe's Diamond x Hilburn's Joy) Radcliffe ad Southern Belle Kennels
7th #61 Turdhill High Dollar ( B&B Earl Ray x Elites Sugar Babe) BBK/Stay Ready Kennels Springfield ,LA
8th #34 Hickory Hill Go Girl (TPK Chop x TPK Lil Bit) Hickory Hill Kennels Turbeville SC
9th #71 Hollow Oaks Skippy (Hollow oaks Hawk x Show em up lucy) Hollow Oaks kennels Lancaster & New Zion, SC
10th #38 Strawberry (ch. Jason Jack x CG's Strawberry) CG Willamson Pooles Mill, SC

Combination #92 Victoria's Tinder Caughman and Knight Kennels
Classiest Hound #15 Hammer's Playboy Hammerhead Kennels
Best Mouth #190 Hallman's Bushy'N All In Kennels

All AGE (263 Hounds)
1st #591 Ch Pittman's Rev (Southern Preacher x Crazy M Reba) Pitt Crew Kennels West Columbia, SC
2nd #677 ch. Howard's RumpShaker ( ch. Howard's High Tide x Jamie's Peaches B.) Empty Pockets Kennel Andrews, SC
3rd #717 Hollow Oaks Black Betty ( Hollow oaks Hawk x Jason's Yellahead) Hollow Oaks Kennels Lancaster & New Zion, SC
4th #791 Turdhill Bottom Line ( Buckshots Hardrock x McMillian Arrow) BBK/Stay Ready Kennels Springfield, LA
5th #412 Fowler's Blondie ( Redwood's Monster Boy x Barnhill's Emmy Lou) Danny and Stephen Fowler Tabor City, NC
6th #771 Bobby's Chase ( ch. Bobby's Action Cat x Ms. Proud Mary D.) Bobby Parker Ludowici, GA
7th #372 BB Cuddles (ch. BB Clifford x No Pitty Cuddles) World Tour Brittons Neck, SC
8th #741 Hollow Oaks Nash (Hollow oaks Hawk x Jason's Yellahead) Hollow oaks Kennel Lancaster & New Zion, SC
9th #886 Bobby's Pinky (Redwoods Monster Boy x Bobby's Frankalina) Bobby Parker Ludowici, GA
10th #812 Cajun's Katie ( ch. CMK's Calvary IGWT x ch. South Bounds Streak) South Bound Kennel Andrews, SC

Dual Champion & Combination #591 Pittman's Rev (Southern Preacher x Crazy M Reba) Pitt Crew Kennels
Classiest Hound #717 Hollow oaks Black Betty ( Hollow oaks Hawk x Jasons Yellahead) Hollow oak Kennels
BEST MOUTH Daniels Littebit H&P Paul x ch. Daniels Lemon Drop) Daniels Brothers Kennel