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2021 Leaderboard GRADE 1-6
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Northern Kentucky

1 Big G Maplewood
P and J Dallas x MM Fly
Big G Kennels

2 Bradley Mommas Girl
K&l Smokey Wendell x Sayers Olive
Dennis Sawyers

3 Tegs Destiny
H and k Paleface x Crow hops Chestnut
Turn en go kennel

4 Southern style Senirita
Southern style Gb third day Jenny
Southern Style Kennel

5D&s Pocahontas
*** Hills All the Way Ray x Hills Big Patty
Dettwiller & Son

6 Cmks Diamond Back Igwt
Ch Broke Rite Assassin x Cmks Ziptie Igwt
Christianmtn tri co Igwt kennel

7 Southern Style Sammie
Rock Springs Cream x Rock Springs Mouse

Southern style kennel m

8 Cmks Sympathy Igwt
Ch Cmks Calvary IGWT x Chasen joy
Southern style kennel..

9th Old South Tonto :expressionless:
Learner's doc X Bad Boys Flash
Old South kennel

10 Tegs white Lighting
X Yegs balls eye
Turn en in Go kennel

Re: Northern Kentucky

#9 Tonto sire should be Kearbey’s Doc. I pointed this out to Rick Woosley at the hunt and he said he would correct it. Thanks