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Smokey Mtn

Smoke Mtn was held in Manchester KY may 6-9

Derby 87 hounds

1 Shorts Crook
H and P Paul x Shorts Cherry
Short Brothers

2 DARK Hollow Lemonade
Round mtn Del x Round Mtn Joy

3 Pardice Lighting
Ch K and L Wendell x K and L Holly
Orie Thomas and Carl Ball

4 Chasen Blessing
Ch K and L Wendell x K and L Holly
Maryland Chase
Combination winner

5 Strongs Speck
Sampson Raider x Queen Raider
Jim Strong

6 Trouble
Southern Slugger x Diva
Orie Thomas x Carl Ball

7 Bradley's Babby
Ch K and L Wendell x Ch Bradley Ruby
Red Devil kennel

8 Yee Haw Buck
High Cotton Lenyard x Yee Haw Hannah
Yee Haw Hannah

9 Cmks Diamond Back Igwt
Ch Broke Rite Assassin x Cmks Ziptie Igwt
Christianmtn Tri co Igwt

10 Nester Speed
Water Oak Nickel Back x Cisco Speedy

Classiest Hound Knights Kat
Ch Cmks Calvary IGWT x Knight June bug
Hannah Knight

Best Mouth K and l Ray
B and b loot x Country Boy Miranda
K and L Kennel

Aa 102

1 Balls Waylon
Bowling Tim x Bowling Legs
Orie Thomas and Carl Ball

2 Chasin Time Dazzle B&B Steady x Pattersons Runt comb and Dual
Brian Akers

3 Amber
K and L Smokey Wendell x Slady Bank Jade
Orie Thomas and Carl Ball

4 Old South Tonto
Kerby Doc x Nad Boys Flash
Old South Kennel

5 Mtn Dew Taco
Whites Smoke Diesel Whites Rose
Old South Kennel

6 Cooper Marie
Stewarts Jigger x Moore Juli
Chris Cooper

7 D and S Pocahontas
*** All the Way Ray x Hills Big Patty
Dettwiller and Son

8 k and l Jimmy Jack Pot
B and B top gun x County Boys Rebecca

9 Ruynons H k Candy
Cox Raj x Cox Pam
Dru and Neil Runyon

10 Paul's Sixty
Skiles Smoke x K and L Sandy
Dettwiller and Son

Classiest hound lock on Colt
The Guy Harvey x Lock on Alexis
Lock on Kennel

Best Mouth Coopers Jt
K and l Colman x Skiles Honey bee

Re: Smokey Mtn

#4 Tonto sire and dam should read Kearbey’s Doc x Bad Boyz Flash