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Maryland State

Maryland state was held at Pools fox Preserve April 16 -18

Page 67 in the March Horn

112 derby hounds

1st Opies Venom
Ch Broke Rite Assassin x Opie’s Dutchess
Opie Kennel

2 Ringo
Ch Jimmy B x ch Quick Catch Chole
Old School Kennel

3 Good Time Lj
Front Row Jim x Pc Blonde
Good time Kennel

4 Play Dirty Lightning
Maxes Drake x Cmks Lighting IGWT
Play Dirty Kennel

5 Whoman Divia
Coxs Howard Kyle's Ginger
Whoman Kennel

6 Opies Sniper
Ch Broke Rite Assassin x Opies Dutchess
Opie Kennel

7 Bennets Thunder
Wt Buckwild x K and K runt
Benneys Kennel

8 Spot
Ch Hills Night Hawk x Hills little Bitty
Fire ball Kennel

9 Lee Lake Patches
Elliott Jack x Lee lake Venolia
Lee lake Kennel

10 Taylor's Scout
Humphries Curley x Rocky Ridge Zoey
Junk dog Mafia

Combination winner Opies Venom

Aa 176 hounds

1st Opies Lucy
Opies Blake x Lucy in the Sky
Opie Kennel
Beat mouth

2 Bennets Bonnie
Spear Mtn Sergeant x Adkins May
Do Bennett

3 Cruz Red Bird
G W Rusty x Cruz Squirt
Cruz and Dennis Wilson

4 Airhc Ch Clidborne Zeeke
Clidborne Costa x last chance Lea
Clidborne Brother
Classiest hound

5 Play Dirty Spade
Play Dirty Candyman x Holland Plaeface
Play Dirty Kennel

6 Tyrese Polly
Smoth w x ch Tyrese Tinkerbell
Danny Tyree

7 ch Old School Viper
CH Whisenants Jimmy b x B and B Perl
Old School Kennel

8 ch Old School Mae
Whisenants Jimmy b x Adkins Elle Mae
Old school Kennel

9 Moores lil Grace
Moores Jim B x Moores Knot Head
Bill Moore and Cruz Wilson

10 Play Dirty Lil Mama
Play Dirty Candyman x Holland Plaeface
Play Dirty Kennel