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C&M 2 Day Derby

Our Annual C&M 2 Day Derby Hunt was held July 30th and 31st, 2021 at C&M Fox Preserve 1270 Dessie Rd., Chadbourn, N.C. We had 135 entries with results as follows:


1st #51 GTP 1254 CT Olaf: Priestor’s Flying Dutchman & Morris Tic Tac/ Benji Rowell and Nick Young, Centenary, S.C.
2nd #75 GTP 1101 Leggett’s Nova: Leggett’s Ranger & Leggett’s BB/Leggett & Son, Evergreen, N.C.
3rd #71 GTP 1082 Barnhill’s Bad Bob: Fowler’s Juicy Jay & Fowler’s Mighty Mouse/ Greg Barnhill, Evergreen, NC
4th #15 GTP 1063 Birch Creek Cardi B: Broadways Thumper & JB’s Squeaky/ Double Take Knls., Whiteville/Burgaw, N.C.
5th #19 GTP 1009 H&J’s Bruce: H&J’s Arkie & M&S Dolly/ Fast Dog Knls, , Bolton
& Supply, N.C.
6th #1 GTP 1007 Quick Catch Skinny: Swift Creek Skinny & Smokin Aces Hideous/ Quick Catch Knls., Evergreen, N.C.
7th #78 GTP 962 Top Gun Buckeye: Mercer’s Duke & CT’s Ellie Mae/ Top Gun Knls., Loris, S.C.
8th #6 GTP 945 Knight’s Ellie: CMK’s Calvary & Hill’s Light It Up/ Southern Trouble Knls., Southport, N.C.
9th #7 GTP 934 Stroud’s Max: Stroud’s Thunder & Casey W./Stroud’s Knls., Chadbourn,N.C.
10th #60 GTP 890 H&J’s Lil Bug: Hank’s Midnight Rider & No Dam listed/Fast Dog Knls, Bolton and Supply, N.C.