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Osman 3 day Field Trail Results

Derby 61
All Age 67
Results as Follows
1st #11 B&B Lil Jill T Platts Gunner/Ch.Efrids Jill B&B Kennels Zuni Va.
2nd. #7 Sullivan's Maggie Wells' Scooter/ Well's Jill SOS Kennels Creal Springs, IL
3rd #54 Bond's Amy Jet Pilot Ray/ Butler's Abbie Triple B Kennels Wallace NC
4th #99 Crisco's Stretch Tbyride Lil Red/ Crisco Star Crisco& Craven Olivia NC
5th #55 Bond's Suzie Q Jet Pilot Ray/ Sharkey's Boozin Susan Triple B Kennels Wallace NC
6th #42 RL's Showgirl Calvary/Hill's Light it up Rick Leamons IL
7th#6 Sullivan's Keltech Bond's Pistol/Sullivan's Cinderella SOS Kennel Creal Springs, IL
8th #64 Ketchum's Jenna Stahls Rebel/SMS Ring Pop B&B Kennels Zuni Va
9th #50 Bond's Pecos Bill Frasier Bro Businessman/ Darks Bobbie Triple B Kennels Wallace NC
10 #80 Crisso's Cinderella Kearby's Willie/Crisco Flirt Criso & Craven Olivia NC
#7 Combination Sullivan's Maggie
AllAge 67
1st # 501 F Ch. Sullivan's Sampson T.O.C TO/ B&J Red Bird SOS Kennels Creal Springs, IL
2nd #114 Bond's Shooting Star C&M MCh. CountryBoy JayBird/Blacklands Havco Triple B Kennels Wallace NC
3rd. 701 Sullivan's Risky Business Fras. Bro. Businessman/ Dark's Lady Bug SOS Kennels Creal Springs, IL
4th 191 Ch. B&B Ava Max T Ch. Millard's Mule Ray/Walz Chill B&B Kennels Zuni NC
5th 115 Bond's Buckskin Ray Jet Pilot Ray/Butter Sassie Triple B Kennels Wallace NC
6th 171 Sullivan's Mery Round Mtn. Rockettman/ Round Mtn. Crickett SOS Kennels, Creal Springs, IL.
7th 190 Carver's Tuff Crisco's Charlie/ Carver's Mouse Crisco & Carver Olivia NC
8th 14 PH Sue Ch. CMK's Calvary/Norris Penny Carl Stevens Calhoun IL
9th 911 Ch. B&B New Peggy T Pinedale Bomber B./Stegall's Sue B&B Kennels Zuni, VA
10th 110 P.H. John C. CMK's Calvary/Round Mtn.Screamer Carl Steven Calhoun, IL.
114 Dual/Combo Champion
911 Classiest Hound 601 Best Mouth Sullivan's April Clark's Trampegs/Summey's Knockout C. SOS Kennels Creal Springs, IL