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The Alabama Open 8 Hour hunt was held, September 25, 2021, at the Red Ridge Fox Preserve near Menlo, GA. We want to thank the Red Ridge members for allowing us to have the Alabama Open 8-hour hunt one more time. We also want to thank all the hunters that came from 5 different states; to run their hounds up on Red Ridge. We also, want to recognize the judges who came out to score the hounds for this 8-hour hunt they worked very diligently to put up a nice score board; and big thank you to our Master of Hounds Butch Shockley for coming and helping us keep everything in order. It took 350 pts to get in the top 10 and 590 pts to win this hunt. We also, want to send a big shout out to Mike Carr and The Pride Dog Feed Company for their sponsorship of Alabama Open 8-hour hunt. There is no doubt that Pride is good to the fox hunters, and we need to remember those who supports us. Also, we won’t forget to say Thank You to The Lord for protecting us all during our travels and allowing us to have a good time during this hunt and especially thanking Him for sending the nice cool temperature down into the Heart of Dixie on Thursday so it was nice fall like morning when we cast at 3:00 am, with the low Saturday morning around 50 degrees and the fire barrel was a popular place. As our old friend HOF member Joe Gibson would say you just couldn’t draw it up on a chalk board any better than what we had it. From the running, the food, the fellowship to the weather, it was just all really nice and I trust everyone had a good time during this hunt. This hunt was run under Master’s GTP 5 minute rule and the following is your top 10.

1st place #333 Gray Rd Two Spot (Flying Big Mack S ex Tru Track Hazel) owned by Gray Rd Kennels Center Hill, FL

2nd place #1 Queen’s Baby Bit (Queen’s Mooneye ex Queen’s Lil Bit) owned by Wayne Queen Copperhill, TN

3rd place #19 Floyd’s Knighthorse (Webb’s Chilliman ex Boone’s Josie) owned by Clear Branch Kennels Jay, FL

4th place #420 Bradley’s Bad Billy (B&B Steady ex Bradley’s Black Pearl) owned by Gray Rd Kennels Center Hill, FL

5th place # 5 Dirty South Sadie (Rock Creek Terminator ex Turner’s Freckles) Dirty South Kennels Wadley, AL

6th place #46 Mt. Dew ( Moonlight Bams ex Hammon’s Pinkie) Red Hill Kennels LaFayette, AL

7th place #71 Limestone’s Cheeta (Campo’s Iza ex Harlow’s Bonnie) Dry Creek Kennels Louisville, MS

8th place #36 Double Branches Mack (T&N Zorro ex TS Mandie) Scotty Mitcham, LaFayette, AL

9th place #60 5H Elder’s Molly (Mulberry River Wheel ex Henry’s Pinky) 5H Kennels Lyerly, GA

10th place #30 Hurt’s Zippy (Hurt’s Hansome Jimmy ex Bryan’s Pretty Girl) Hi Roller Kennels, Ripley, MS

Classiest Hound #17 Floyd’s Red Robin owner Clear Branch Kennels Jay, FL
Best Mouth Hound #41 Queen’s Jane owner Wayne Queen Copperhill, TN

President – Kyle Blakeley
Secretary -Jonathan Blakeley
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