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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Tomahawk Breeders Challenge 2 Day Derby

National Rules HGA: April 8th-9th. 154 hounds cast.

1. #7 West's Deebo-West's Slim Shady x West's Motor Mouth. W&W Kennels

2. #51 CT Brittnay-Radcliffe's Diamond x Hilburn's Joy. Benji Rowell & Nick Young

3. #81 Cajun's Voodoo-Ch. Howard's High Tide x EPK's Jessica. Cajun Kennel

4. #80 UCLA's Rip Tide-Ch. Howards' High Tide x Rock Bottoms Breeze. UCLA Kennels

5. #70 Tomahawk Ready-Tomahawk Scooter x Tomahawk Victoria. Tomahawk Kennels

6. #31 UCLA's Chloe-Ch. UCLA's Wipeout x Todd's April. UCLA Kennels

7. #67 Bob-T&J Cash Money x T&J Star. M&M Kennel

8. #97 Sandy Mills Cupcake-Daniels RJ x K&J Pearl. Sandy Mill Kennels

9. #1 Sandy Mill Kennels-Turdhills CEO x Turdhills Backfire. Sandy Mill Kennels

10. #12 Big Red-Barnettes Clemson x Wrights Vee. No Pitty Kennels

Combination #7 West's Deebo