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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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Derby & Allagy

1st 62 Fras Bros Roger That F Fras Bros Businessman Jans Doe W Fras Bros Dubach LA

2nd 18 Sllivan's Fiesty Hoehner's Super Man ll Hoehner's Sangria SOS Kennel Creal Springs IL

3RD 44 Wills Honey L Woods Eagle Wills Ellie Mae L Wills Kennels Oakland Ms

4th 50 Sllivans Slingshot Ch Four Biship Pinedale Rally B SOS KENNELS BLUE Creal Springs Il

5TH 42 MTN TOP Callie Hartwick Rocky Hardwicks Ivy Mtn Top Kennels Blue Mountain M

6th 9 Sllivans
Pay Check Ch Norris Big Boy Heads HempinjJuice SOS KENNELS Creal Springs IL

7th 13 Hurts Apache Hurts King D Hurts Blessing Hurt Kennels Ripley Ms

8th 68 Webbs Twister Webbs Pretty Boy Ch Webbs Chili Gal ll Webb,ELY,Lil Biloxi Ocean Springs Ms

9th 47 Wills Jolene Hurts King D Wills Didi Mau L Wills Kennels Oakland Ms

10th 22 3L Bonnie Ch Mc Millans Terminators McMillans Dani Lynn Buck Naked Kennels Bruce Ms

All Age

1st 159 Mtn Top Straight Kodi Howard Hwley Harvard Mtn Top Kennels Blue Mountain Ms

2nd 101 BBK Southern Pearl CH Pinedale Bomber B Woods Jenny BBK/Stay Ready Kennel Coffeeville Ms

3rd 150 Hams Blackbird CH Webbs Chili Man B & Js Dorito Webb,Ely,Lil Biloxi Ocean Springs Ms

4th 100 Criscos Sundowner Criscos Charlie Carvens Mouse Crisco & Gamer Olivia NC

5th 151 Criscos Yella Kearbys Willie LS Black Betty Crisco & Garner Olivia NC

6TH 160 Webbs Madonna Webbs Big Lemom Webbs PT Webb,Ely,Lil Biloxi Ocean Sprins M

7th 174 J & S RoseCriscos Newbern Hit N Run Anna J & S Kennel Seagrove NC

8th 109 Brandon's Josie Ch Top Notch Joey Brandon's TinkerBell WEBB,ELY.LIL Biloxi Ocean Springs Ms

9th 910 Cravens Tuff Criscos Charlie Cravens Mouse Jay Craven Seagrove NC

10th 194 Hoehner's Rip Ch White Lightning Ray Hoehner's Twister H & T Kennels Dongola IL

Re: Derby & Allagy

Is this the Southern Star Results?