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C&M 2 Day Derby Results

C&M 2 Day Derby
C&M Fox Preserve
July 29-30, 2022 The Masters GTP Rules
1270 Dessie Rd.
Chadboun, N.C. 28431
Results by Lonnie Ward

Top Ten
Of 96 entries

1st #32 1738 GTP Sandy Mills Hook: Ch. Hollow Oaks Donnie & Sandy Mills Miley /
Sandy Mills Kennel. Coward, S.C.
2nd #81 1521 GTP Sandy Mills Choas: Ch. Jason’s Jack & Jason’s Minnie/ Sandy Mills
Kennel, Coward, S.C.
3rd #50 1481 GTP Stroud’s Bonnie: Stroud’s Thunder & Stroud’s Jersey/ Stroud’s Knls.,
Chadbourn, N.C.
4th #29 1434 GTP Never Nice Batman: B&B Chrome & Never Nice Rhiannon/ Mike and Keenan McShane & Phil Dawson. North Myrtle Beach, S.C.
5th #12 1422 GTP Laurie’s Cali: B&B’s Superman & Butler’s Lil Block C. / Ronnie
Norris, Wilmington, NC.
6th #49 1419 GTP Pay Pals Checkbook: B&B Earl Ray & Hightowers Nightmare/ Pay Pal & Slow & Steady Knls., Green Sea, S.C.
7th #6 1372 GTP Stay Ready Lauren: Jazmine Under Armour & Scott’s Miranda/ BBK/Stay Ready Knls. Ga./Ms.
8th #61 1344 GTP Felicia’s Black Majic: T Byrd Ben & Coot’s Runaway Ginger/Crystal Coast Coalition, Chadbourn, N.C.
9th #21 1326 GTP Josey: Guyottes Whittey & Guyottes Shazam/Power House Knls.,/
Prospect, N.C.
10th #69 1309 GTP Turdhill Chance: Hollow Oaks Donnie& Sandy Mills Miley/ Sandy Mills Kennel, Coward, S.C.

Best Mouth: #711 Brad’s Yellowstone T. : Ray’s Aces & Ch. Fowler’s Scatt/ Brad Turbeville, Chadbourn, N.C.

Classy Hound #69Turdhill Chance: Hollow Oak Donnie & Sandy Mills Milley/ BBK/Stay Ready Knls., Ga. & Ms.

Re: C&M 2 Day Derby Results

Lonnie Ward
Aug 1, 2022 - 3:40PM
Re: C&M 2 Day Derby Results

Correction for the results of the two day Derby.10th place #69 kennel should be BBK/Stay Ready Kennel and not Sandy Mills Kennel. Sorry for the error.