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2022 Leaderboard Grade 1-6
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North Georgia 3 day

North Georgia 3 day 108 derby 145 all age

1st- #16- BB Hilda Efirds Hercules x PTP Matilda World Tour Brad & Caroline

2nd- Comb winner- #110- Big Dog Lucy Big Dog Water Boy x Hoppers Red Pearl Big Dog Kennels

3rd- #12 East Coast Smoke East Coast Voodoo x East Coast Hi Heels East Coast Kennels

4th- #21 Stricklands Tibet Tom Criscoes Jeb x FRKS Abigail No Trash Kennels

5th- #29 LLK Rooster Griffins Opie x Sinkholes Betty Left Lane Kennels

6th- #117 Bakes Billy Jack Night Moves Dillion x B&B Briana David, Cal, and Dusty Baker

7th- #14 Clarks A.J. Ch. Clarks Money Maker x Sladybank CryBaby Billy & Dwayne Clark

8th- #4 Clarks Sofia Ch. Clarks Money Maker x Night Moves Navy Billy & Dwayne Clark

9th- #61 Hill Top Titan Night Moves Dillan x Night Moves June Hill Top Kennels

10th- #81 Hi-C Bougie Like Mealtdowns Powerball x Badweathers Sandy Hi-C Kennels

All Age

1st- #777 Dog Piles High Bid Ch. Clarks Money Maker x Ch. Dog Pile Hooker Dog Pile Kennel

2nd& Comb- #641 East Coast Abigail East Coast Voodoo x Brocks Milk Dud East Coast Kennels

3rd- #410 No Mercy Redlegs East Coast Taboo x East Coast Lady East Coast Kennels

4th- #471 Clarks Mary Jo Ch. Clarks Money Maker x Cobb Town Katie Billy & Dwayne Clark

5th- #741 LLK Monkey Millards Ringer Ray x Dirt Roads Sabrina Left Lane Kennels

6th- #517 Joy Ch. Clarks Money Maker x Big Dogs Queen Hoynes Bacon

7th- #761 Patrick Mutt Ch. Keels Dollar x Keels Beetle Spin J&E&J kennels

8th- #610 No Mercy Lil Bit No Mercy Vin Diesel x No Mercy Signature East Coast Kennels

9th- #371 Hi-C Smut Face Fourty Creek Spot x Broke Rite Brown Sugar Hi-C Kennels

10th- #449 Fiveash Arsenic B&B Luke x Ch. B&B Poison Fiveash Kennels