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South Alabama Derby

South Alabama Derby
Carolina Running Pen
Andalusia, Ala

1st: #191 Pure Octane Dolph (Millard’s Mule Ray x Butler’s Pearl C) Pure Octane
2nd&comb: #4 S&N Twilight (S&N Rodger Stone x S&N Happy) Pure Octane
3rd: #911 S&N Money (Ch Kennedy’s 8 ball x S&N Lil Snitch) Pure Octane
4th: #9 Full Kount Gun Shy (Triple J Ace x Kolby’s Nala) Full Creek
5th&classy: #47 Turdhill Lady B (Four Bishops x Nicholson Mouse) BBK/Stay Ready
6th: #31 DuBose’s Twisted Sister (BadWeather Hush Money x Lovett’s Lemon Twist) The Highway Men
7th: #66 DuBose’s Lincoln Lawyer (Ch TOC Powerstroke x DuBose’s Scat Cat) The Highway Men
8th: #311 Pure Octane Neil Billy (Millard’s Mule Ray x Butler’s Brownie) Pure Octane
9th: #49 Matthew’s Gypsy (OT’s Showtime x 4X B) Orange Shirt Mafia
10th: #10 BadWeathers Maggie (Floyd Magnum x Floyd Chilli Pepper) The Highway Men

Best Mouth: #33 Baily Branch Whitney (Ch BCK Sam x DB’s Moonshine) Baily Branch

BIS: #4 S&N Twillight (S&N Rodger Stone x S&N Happy) Pure Octane
BOS: #45 Stay Ready Sundial (Turdhill Bad Ben x Pamela’s Naomi) BBK/Stay Ready

Re: South Alabama Derby

2nd place dog is off of S&N Rodger Stone X S&N Dawn not (S&N Happy)