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2024 Southeast La Results

Hunt was held May 3-5 at Joes Branch Fox Pen Enon, La

Derby: 44 Hounds entered

1st & Combo DT’s Mary (Crowe’s Benny & DT’s Sandy) DT Kennels

2nd & Classiest Hound Little Bird McCallum (Ch Scott’s Jerry & Redbird McCallum) McCallum Kennels Tylertown, Ms

3rd Bailey’s Sister Sarah (Bailey’s Big Rip & Laken’s Katie) Laken Bailey Loranger, La

4th B&J’s Snickers (Bond’s Sticker & Malibu) Partnership Kennels Loranger, La

5th Top Notch Redbird (Top Notch Luckey & Creekside Red Bug) Top Notch Kennels Ponchatoula, La

6th & Best Mouth John B’s Babblmouth (Backyard’s Hitler & Matthews’s Tilly) John Beckwith Pearl River, La

7th Bailey’s Sundance (Bailey’s Big Rip & Laken’s Katie) Laken Bailey Loranger, La

8th Cascio’s Toy (BP Whiskey & BCK Pink S) Casico & Taylor Kennels Hattiesburg, Ms

9th Baileyville Mayor (Baileyville Lil Shady & Chasin Time Tilly) Baileyville Kennels Loranger, La

10th Big C’s Scardey Cat (Bailey’s Big Rip & Laken’s Katie Laken Bailey Loranger, La

AA: 50 Hounds entered

1st Field, Dual Champion Taylor’s Honeybun (McMillian’s Gun Smoke & Hound Hill April) Cascio and Taylor Kennels Hattiesburg, Ms

2nd & Best Mouth R&F’s Fancy (D&S Badman & R&F’s Secret) Farrell Sibley Livingston, La

3rd LB&B’s Donino (Ed’s Freckles Scott & RBC Suzie) LB&B Kennels Ms

4th Wolfriver Sam (Wolfriver Stringer & Wolfriver Red 5) Wolfriver Kennels Kiln, Ms

5th and Classiest Hound Cascio’s Mattie (BP Whiskey & Cascio’s Sandy) Cascio & Taylor Kennels Hattiesburg, Ms

6th Blue Jay’s Boots (McCoy’s Rip & McCoy’s Lil Bit) Blue Jay Kennels Gonzales, La

7th D&S Sissy (D&S Steel Man & D&S 3 Spot) D&S Kennels Greenwell Springs, La

8th Snow Bird McCallum (Ch Scott’s Jerry & Red Bird McCallum) McCallum Kennels Tylertown, Ms

9th R&F’s Lil RW (D&S Steel Man & D&S 3 Spot) Farrell Sibley Livingston, La

10th EST’s Towmater (SELA F Ch EST’s Johnny Bravo & Traylar’s Scarlet) EST’s Kennels Blond, La