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2013 Field Trial Results, Grades 1 thru 6 Archives
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2013 Central La Hunt

The Central Louisiana Field Trial
February 1&2,2013
Plantation Fox Preserve
Grade IV hunt
Hunt Listed in Hunters Horn January Issue Page 25

64 hounds entered

1. #44 700gtp Thompsons Black Kat( Ch.Lakehills Jaybird x Kerbys May II) Benson Thompson

2. #81 680gtp Pawnees Scooter (TG f Ch. Lakehills Chili x Lawrences Lou Lou) Clay Grantham

3. #31 670gtp Teats Red Pepper (Ch.Lakehills Jaybird x Butlers Gypsy) Jimmy Teat

4. #41 660gtp Thompsons Candyman ( Ch. Lakehills Jaybird x Thompsons Snowflake) Benson Thompson

5. #70 640gtp Hines Dawn ( Valentines Ben x Hines Angie) Willie Hines

6. #50 620gtp Lewis' Amos (Ch.Lakehills Jaybird x Butlers Gypsy) James Lewis

7. #21 610 Teats Wanda (Ch. Lakehills Jaybird x Butlers Gypsy) Jimmy Teat

8. # 7 610gtp Lewis' Penny ( Lewis' Buzz x Lewis' Cricket) James Lewis

9. #4 605gtp Thompsons Snookie ( Ch. Lakehills Jaybird x Thompsons Traci) Benson Thompson * Combination Winner*

10. #1 585gtp Lakehills Wendy (TG f Ch La St f Ch Lakehills Ike x Anna Grace Gibbs) Lakehills Kennels

Combination Winner hound #4 Thompsons Snookie
Classiest Hound #88 Jakes Ms Red
Best Mouth #62 VIs Blue Belll

All Age
54 Hounds

1. #511 765gtp Lakehills Stride (Wild Goose Tommy x Pawnees Pepper) Tim Woods Richton Ms**Combination Winner & Classiest Hound**

2. #112 755gtp Lewis' Fancy ( Ch. Lakehills Jaybird x Lewis' Dixie) James Lewis

3. #811 740gtp Pritchards LT ( Pritchards Tuff x DPs Dottie) Hemps Creek Kennel Jena La

4. #151 740gtp TG f Ch Lakehills Black Pearl ( Wild Goose Tommy x Pawnees Pepper) Lakehills Kennels

5. #141 700gtp Hawk (Name not given x Name not given) Johnny Foster & Danny Jo Daniels

6. #711 670gtp Lakehills Archie ( Bonds Runaway Joe x Lakehills Sis) Lakehills Kennels

7. #411 665gtp Hogans Jimmy ( Fred Hales Blackboy x Fred Hales Little Girl ) Glen Hogan ** Best Mouth**

8.# 133 660gtp Pritchards Tuffy ( Pritchards Tuff x Jakes Sissy ) Hemps Creek Kennels

9. #118 640 gtp Lewis' Blondie ( Butlers Clown x McCoys Sandy) James Lewis

10. #117 635 Hot Wheels (name not given x name not given) Johnny Foster & Danny Jo Daniels

Combinaton Winner & Classiest Hound # 511 Lakehills Stride Owner Time Woods
Best Mouth # 411 Hogans Jimmy Owner Glen Hogan